Long Day Care

Thank you for considering the Pitt Town Pre-school to be part of your child’s experiences in their younger years.

firefox-grayAt the Pitt Town Pre-school we recognise that a child’s development is made up of a range of experiences developed both at home & at school. Families are an integral part of our ability to look after your child. It is only through open communication between both families & the school that we can best meet the individual needs of your child.

We are an accredited Centre, always striving for excellence & continually looking for room for improvement by working together with families & our surrounding communities.

Our Long Day Care program provides care for Children 0 - 6 years.

Our hours of operation are 6.30am - 6.30pm, Monday to Friday. We are closed for Public Holidays.

Our centre currently is open for 50 weeks of the year and closes for 2 weeks over Christmas. (This may change where needed)

What kind of activities will there be throughout the day?

All children will participate in a range of activities, which are both specifically designed to assist with the development of each child as well as fun. Activities will vary from age group to age group as to their appropriateness and safety, e.g. small lego not offered to 0-2's.

Children can explore a wide variety of activities, playdough, home corner, Lego, Toolo, cars & trucks, books, puzzles, dolls & babies, craft experiences, balls, sand play, climbing frames and so many other things there are too many to mention, our teachers incorporate a range of activities in to their programs each week keeping in mind the key learning and developmental area's.


Our teachers will be monitoring such area's as:

  • Social/Emotional Skills : This is an extremely important area of a child's development as confidence and emotional maturity will give children the skills to work to the best of their ability for the rest of their lives.
  • Gross Motor Skills: The ability to run, jump, hop, skip, hit a ball with bat & catch a ball etc.
  • Fine Motor Skills: The ability to manipulate objects with their fingers hold and control a pencil, cut with scissors, thread, paste items to paper etc.
  • Cognitive Skills: The ability to recognise basic numbers, colours, shapes and basic mathematical skills as well as understanding concepts.
  • Language Skills: Our staff will monitor each child's language skills however if there is any concern about any child's speech development he/she may be referred onto a speech therapist.

For more information on our day care, please download our "Parent Handbook".